Mystic Chateau Acres Dog Training

Inspire Goodness! 

“Educating people to train happy respectful dogs.”

Mystic Chateau Acres Dog Training (MCADT) provides  instruction in force-free, positive reinforcement dog training to help people build happy, healthy, respectful life-long relationships with their dogs.  Instruction is based on fun training games that 'inspire goodness' in your dog. 
MCADT is located on 30 acres in the rolling hills of Madison County in central New York State near Morrisville State College, less than a mile from the college’s Western and English Riding Facilities.  This unique dog training facility includes multiple fenced and unfenced training areas, approximately 2 miles of groomed trails, and specialized training equipment related to dog activities such as agility, rally, scent work, retrieving and dog tricks.  
 Does your dog have C.L.A.S.S? Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) is a fantastic three-tiered program that strengthens dog/owner relationships through shared activity and fun, positive training. 
As a C.L.A.S.S. Instructor and Evaluator I am focused on teaching my clients how to successfully develop their dog's real-life skills making it enjoyable for them to take their dogs out to dog-friendly places in our community.  For more information on this program please visit https://mydoghasclass.com/
The AKC Canine Good Citizen Program provides dog owners with opportunities to earn certificates and titles that mark your accomplishments in developing "Owner Behaviors", "Puppy Behaviors", Basic Obedience Behaviors, and Advanced Obedience Behaviors.   
As an AKC Canine Good Citizen Program Evaluator, I am able to help you successfully learn these skills and prepare to pass the  S.T.A.R. Puppy Test, CGC Test, CGC Community Test, CGC Urban Test, and the Trick Dog (Novice, Intermediate and Advanced) Titles..  

MCADT DOG TRAINING SERVICES focus on educating people to train happy respectful dogs. Relationship Building is the foundation for learning the life and social skills that will make bringing your dog into your community a joy.  You will also develop common obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and walking politely on a leash.  Force-free positive reinforcement training methods will leave your dog happy and choosing to respond to your cues as a true partner and friend.



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Dog Training Consultations

40-60-minute Sessions

Initial Dog Training Consult

Required for new clients PRIOR to attending

MCADT Lessons/Classes


In-Home Dog Training Consult

Supplements MCADT Lessons/Classes


additional travel fee if over 10 miles from MCADT

Dog Training Lessons

40-60-minute Sessions

6 Private Lessons


6 Semi-Private Lessons


Single Private Lesson


Guided Practice Training Sessions

30-minute Sessions

Guided Practice Training Session

Improve your execution and timing as you also work to proof learned behaviors during these unique training sessions.


Puppy Class

For Puppies under 6 months old

40-60-minute Sessions

1 to 4 participants

Puppy Class Training Sessions


Classes held every Saturday

1 PM (Oct-May) 9 AM (April-Sept)

$150 for 6 sessions

Dog Obedience Class

40-60-minute Sessions

1 to 4 participants

Dog Class Training Sessions


Classes held every Saturday

2 PM (Oct-May) 10 AM (April-Sept)

$30 per session

$150 for 6 sessions

Obedience with a TWIST Class

For current/past MCADT Lesson/Class Clients

40-60-minute Sessions

3 to 4 participants

Twist Class Training Sessions


Classes held every Saturday

12 PM (Oct-May) 11 AM (April-Sept)


This is a game-based class that helps you proof learned Obedience and Meet & Greet behaviors.

$30 per session

$150 for 6 sessions

$20 per session

If currently enrolled in MCADT lessons/classes.

Cash, Check or Credit Card accepted for payments. 

5% Fee applied to Credit Card Transactions.  $35 fee charged for each returned check

Thank You!